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One of the largest Bitcoin portfolios ($955 million) has been emptied – Dantesque hack… or leak?

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Bitcoins that go poof – It’s an extraordinary and mysterious Bitcoin Evolution review movement that just happened on November 3rd. A huge wallet linked to the black market Silk Road that contained 69,370 BTC has just been completely emptied.

A transaction out of the ordinary

CipherTrace is a cyber security and blockchain transaction monitoring company. On November 3, it spotted an exceptional movement from a Bitcoin portfolio (at 1HQ3Go3ggs8pFnXuHVHRytPCq5fGG8Hbhx).

An anonymous person has just transferred the 69,370 BTCs of this wallet, i.e. more than $955 million, to another address whose owner is also unknown. He first transferred 1 BTC (probably as a test), before transferring 69,369 BTCs.

The bitcoins that were moved would originally have come from the black market of the darknet Silk Road.
Details of the portfolio and its nearly $1 billion bitcoin transaction

According to CipherTrace, it would appear that this transaction was done „to switch from one address format to another“. Indeed, the old address is a Legacy/P2PKH address (starting with a „1“), while the new address is a Bech32/P2WPKH address (starting with „bc1q“).

A voluntary action or a hack?

While CipherTrace believes that this important move may simply have been done to „stay current with the Bitcoin network“, the cyber surveillance company believes that there is also a possibility that the wallet may have been „cracked by hackers“.

Indeed, the portfolio has been in existence since 2015 and is well known to Darknet hackers, many of whom appear to have attempted to access it. It must be said that the BTCs at stake represent a nice sum.

It can also be noted that, these bitcoins having been deposited well before the successive hard forks of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and BSV, an equivalent quantity of these forked cryptos have also been moved to new BCH and BSV addresses a priori specially created for the occasion.

Whether the original owner or a hacker, he has thus very conscientiously transferred this „small change“, which represents respectively 16.3 million and 10 million dollars.

No one knows why this transaction took place or what the future holds for this large quantity of Bitcoin. However, the sulphurous origin of these BTCs remains engraved in the blockchain, and it will prove difficult to sell them – at least quickly, even through mixing services to blur the tracks.

Rentabiliteten for Bitcoin-minedrift stiger til seks måneders højde

Stigningen i prisen på bitcoin har ført til en stigning i minearbejdernes indkomst. Ved udgangen af ​​oktober tjente de $ 353 millioner (+ 8%), som tidligere rapporteret af CoinMetrics-analytikere. – Deltag i kampen for $ 50.000Begynd at optjene point for alle satsede Gamdom-mønter, og se, hvor langt du kan klatre på ranglisten!

Minearbejdernes indkomst er vendt tilbage til de niveauer, der er observeret i løbet af den såkaldte majhalvering (reduktion i belønningen for minedrift af en blok).

I de første fem dage af november har bitcoin-minearbejdernes indkomst allerede udgjort næsten $ 21 millioner. Sidste gang de modtog omtrent de samme fordele i begyndelsen af ​​maj 2020.

Huawei afslører smartphone med indbygget digital yuan tegnebog

Analytikere tilskriver denne tendens til den igangværende rally i bitcoin. Parallelt har der været en stigning i gebyrer for behandling af transaktioner i BTC-netværket. Siden slutningen af ​​oktober er afgifterne steget med næsten 200%. Siden begyndelsen af ​​november har minearbejdere tjent 4,15 millioner dollars fra kommissionsbehandling, hvilket er ca. 20% af deres samlede indkomst.

CryptoQuant-teamet mener, at mange minedriftspuljer snart begynder at sælge deres akkumulerede bitcoins til kontanter i november-rallyet.

Tidligere tweetede CEO for CryptoQuant, Ki Yang Joo, at store cryptocurrency-indehavere allerede er begyndt at bringe BTC til børser. Det er et alarmerende signal for markedet. Den samme ekspert mener imidlertid, at minearbejdere vil forsøge at vente på en højere bitcoin-pris for at få mest muligt ud af det.

Coinbase adds CVC (+ 57%), MANA (+ 25%) and DNT (+ 276%)

The Coinbase exchange has announced the addition of three ERC-20 altcoins. The price of these three assets has just exploded, against the backdrop of the Bitcoin (BTC) bull run.

Coinbase unlocks HVAC, MANA and DNT

The exchange broke the news in a statement yesterday . The addition of the Civic ( CVC ) , Decentraland ( MANA ) and District0x ( DNT ) tokens is for the web version of Coinbase, as well as the Android and iOS apps. As usual, however, users located in New York State will not be able to access it.

Civic (CVC) is a blockchain identity verification service. It allows to provide proof of identity to an entity , while protecting the privacy of the person. We told you about this project last June, because Civic proposed to provide proof of coronavirus screenings through its app.

As for the MANA, this is the asset of the Decentraland project . This blockchain video game offers its users a virtual world with building land . The game was launched in early 2020 and had already seen several events, including a reproduction of the SpaceX launch .

Finally, the District0x project is a network of decentralized marketplaces . It allows users to organize themselves into marketplaces: districts. The DNT is its governance token, which is used by the community to vote on the future of the project.

Altcoins advance thanks to Bitcoin bull run

While the results of s election s American ’s are still waiting and plunge the world into uncertainty, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has exploded, exceeding 15 000 for the first time in 3 years . As a result, altcoins are also partially following the trend.

And for those who just added Coinbase, the progress is particularly marked. The MANA has been performing well for 24 hours: it gained + 25%. The DNT is located outside the top 100 of the ranking of cryptocurrencies by market cap, but it explodes even more, with a colossal jump of + 276% over the last 24 hours:

Finally, Civic’s CVC has also experienced a considerable jump, at + 57% over the last 24 hours . These three assets stand out frankly from the top 10 altcoins, which have grown overall since yesterday, but not to the same extent. The ETH thus took 7%, the XRP experiencing an increase of + 4%, and it is known that the CTL yet the sharpest jump among altcoins of magnitude, with + 10%. The “Coinbase effect” is therefore very present.

Crypto Custodian, Casa, ermöglicht es US-Kunden nun, Bitcoin über ihre Bankkonten zu kaufen

Cryptocurrency Custody Platform Casa gab gestern bekannt, dass Benutzer jetzt ihre Bankkonten verwenden können, um Bitcoin auf der Plattform zu kaufen. Die Plattform gab bekannt, dass sie den Service für ihre Kunden mit Sitz in den USA startet. Es wurde auch angegeben, dass das gekaufte Bitcoin direkt an die Brieftasche des Benutzers gesendet wird.

Laut der Ankündigung können die Benutzer über den neuen Service in einem Monat Bitcoin im Wert von bis zu 200.000 USD kaufen, wobei für jeden Einkauf eine Gebühr von 0,99% erhoben wird

Nick Neuman, Chief Executive Officer der Plattform, sagte, Benutzer könnten Bitcoin über die Partnerplattform Wyre kaufen. Er sagte, dass mit jedem Kauf eine Mining-Gebühr verbunden ist, da alle gekauften Bitcoins in der Kette direkt an die Brieftasche des Benutzers gesendet werden.

Krypto-Börsen erheben auch Mining-Gebühren, normalerweise, wenn Benutzer ihre digitalen Assets auf ihre Brieftaschen übertragen.

Laut Casa ist die Gebühr von 0,00% für eine einzelne Transaktion eine der niedrigsten Gebühren der Branche.

Casa behauptet, dass es ein überlegenes Sicherheitsmodell hat, das die Investitionen der Kunden sicher hält, da es den Benutzern die volle Kontrolle über ihre Gelder gibt und gleichzeitig die Gelder sicher hält.

Kunden haben exklusiven Zugriff auf ihre Brieftaschen, da sie über die Schlüssel verfügen . Sie haben also die Freiheit zu wählen, wie sie ihre Konten verwalten.

Drittanbieter-Depotbanken behalten aufgrund der hohen Sicherheitsstufe, die sie für die bei ihnen gespeicherten BTC bereitstellen, etwa 50% aller Bitcoin-Depotbanken.

Sie bieten den Benutzern außerdem die volle Souveränität und Kontrolle über ihre Gelder, wodurch das Bitcoin-Netzwerk weniger belastbar wird.

Laut Casa besteht einer der Vorteile des Vertrauens in die Plattform für die Verwahrung von Geldern darin, dass die Risiken oder Komplikationen, die Händler und Investoren bei der Aufbewahrung ihrer Gelder haben, verringert wurden . Die hohen Risiken sind die Gründe, warum viele Bitcoiner nicht an Selbstverwaltung interessiert sind.

Die Casa-Plattform wird sich jedoch um diese Probleme kümmern, da sie eine absolut sichere Verwahrung der Gelder der Benutzer ermöglicht. Ein weiterer Vorteil ist die Tatsache, dass ihre Mittel gegen jedes Risiko versichert sind.

Der Bewerbungsprozess ist einfach

Casa hat Benutzer darüber informiert, wie sie mit der Plattform beginnen können. Laut Angaben des Unternehmens können Benutzer die Schaltfläche für das Bankkonto auf dem Kaufbildschirm der Casa-App verwenden. Sie werden an den Einkaufspartner des Unternehmens, Wyre, weitergeleitet, um den Vorgang abzuschließen.

Die Überprüfung der Anwendung nimmt auch nicht viel Zeit in Anspruch. Laut Casa dauert jede Überprüfung der Benutzeranwendung zwischen einigen Minuten und einigen Stunden. Sobald die Überprüfung abgeschlossen ist, wird eine Benachrichtigung an den Benutzer gesendet, und er kann sofort mit dem Kauf von Bitcoin über seine Bankkonten beginnen.

Das Unternehmen gibt an, dass sein Verarbeitungspartner bei der Bearbeitung des Bitcoin-Kaufs einen Lichtbildausweis sowie die vollständigen persönlichen Daten benötigt. Die Anforderungen bestehen darin, sicherzustellen, dass das Geschäft den staatlichen Vorschriften entspricht, und Betrug zu schützen. Die Daten werden niemals auf dem Casa-Server gespeichert, da sie über die Casa-App übermittelt werden.

Ethereum October 28: stuck between a rock and a hard place

A half-fig, half-grape week – Ethereum is in an explosive configuration against the dollar. However, it fails to keep up with the breakneck pace imposed by Bitcoin. Overview !

Ethereum versus the dollar: consolidation before the explosion?

Ethereum is trading at $ 394 at the time of writing. From a peak at $ 420 following PayPal’s announcement , Ethereum has consolidated above $ 382. This is an important level , as this level served as support in August and turned to resistance in September. Breaking through this resistance, with the subsequent pull back , and price consolidation above, points us to a short-term uptrend . However, a return below 360 dollars would invalidate this hypothesis.

Between the American pre-election week, gloomy stock markets and the rise of the Covid in European countries, the context is uncertain to say the least this week . However, the trend remains bullish on Ethereum on a weekly basis . Ethereum closed a new week above $ 400, levels worthy of 2018. We are emerging from a 2 year build-up period and here too the price is consolidating above its old resistance. (in red). The graphics setup is explosive for Ethereum.

Ethereum versus Bitcoin: a difficult pace to follow

After outperforming all summer, Ethereum continues to lose ground against Bitcoin. The support has been tested several times in recent weeks and Ethereum has finally given in in the face of repeated assaults from the cryptocurrency king.

We are in a short term downtrend. However, nothing maddening! This negative trend mainly stems from the hellish pace recently imposed by Bitcoin rather than a loss of speed of ETH.

Despite Bitcoin’s recent outperformance, Ethereum still remains in a medium-term bullish trend against it. This assumption remains valid, as long as the price is above the support zone (in green). Further market analysis will be required if the support area is depressed.

Bitcoin-prisforutsigelse: BTC / USD kan utvide nedadrettingen til $ 10.000

I skrivende stund svever BTC / USD til $ 10 592. Det har vært tilfeller da BTC har byttet ut hender under $ 10 500 som opprettholder den bearish prisaksjonen, er en oppoverbakkeoppgave. Slik det ser ut nå, er veien for minst motstand fremdeles nedover. Et blikk på det daglige diagrammet viser dannelsen av et bearish vimpelemønster.

Hvor går BTC-prisen videre?

Ser vi på den tekniske indikatoren Bitcoin Trader i det daglige området, er ikke BTC / USD ferdig med ulempen. Til tross for fallet, er RSI (14) ennå ikke oversolgt. Dette betyr at det fortsatt er rom som bjørnene kan utforske. Videre kan mynten fortsette å følge nedtendensen så mye som prisen forblir under det 9-dagers og 21-dagers glidende gjennomsnitt.

På oppsiden kan det hende at gjenoppretting ikke kommer lett. Først må støtte være sortert over glidende gjennomsnitt. I mellomtiden ligger et bærekraftig trekk over denne barrieren rundt $ 10 800, noe som kan oppheve det bearish scenariet og tillate en utvidet gjenoppretting mot motstandsnivået på $ 11 200, $ 11 400 og $ 11 600. Imidlertid kan en økning i salgspresset over hele markedet tvinge Bitcoin-prisen mot en smertefull vei og gjennom ulike foreløpige støtter på $ 9.900, $ 9.700 og $ 9.500.

Ser vi på 4-timers diagrammet, har ikke Bitcoin-oksene klart å presse markedsprisen over glidende gjennomsnitt

BTC / USD har overlevd $ 10.000-støtten ettersom markedet gjenopptas oppover. Kongemynten vil trolig komme tilbake til oksemarkedet hvis prisen går over $ 10 700-nivået. Høyere motstand ligger på $ 10 800 og over.

Imidlertid, hvis vimpelstøtten huler inn, kan til og med 10 500 dollar ikke være i stand til å holde støtten som RSI (14). Mer, mynten vil sannsynligvis falle til 10 300 dollar og under hvis prisen faller under det 9-dagers glidende gjennomsnittet.

Bitcoin exchange BitMEX añade KYC para todos sus usuarios

El mercado de futuros de Bitcoin BitMEX requerirá que sus usuarios verifiquen su identidad

BitMEX está introduciendo un nuevo sistema KYC para sus usuarios.

Los usuarios tendrán 6 meses para completar la verificación de identidad desde la fecha de lanzamiento.
La decisión marca un cambio en las regulaciones que se encuentran en el espacio financiero tradicional.

El intercambio de futuros de Bitcoin BitMEX comenzará a requerir a todos los usuarios que prueben su identidad en el mundo real en el intercambio para el 28 de agosto de 2020. BitMEX afirma que el lanzamiento de su programa de verificación de usuarios promoverá un „entorno comercial más confiable y seguro para todos los usuarios de BitMEX“.

Durante los diez años de actividad de la criptografía, ha habido una creciente presión sobre las empresas de criptografía para que adopten reglamentos de CSC y ALD, ambos comúnmente utilizados en el espacio financiero tradicional. Incluso la bolsa de valores libertaria ShapeShift finalmente cedió a los reguladores, y ahora BitMEX está cayendo en línea también.
Sea el primero en probar nuestro símbolo de recompensa.
Gane fichas pasivamente mientras lee. Gasta tus fichas en nuestra tienda de recompensas.

„Hemos intentado que sea una combinación de ligereza y facilidad“, dijo Ben Radclyffe, director comercial de 100x Group, el nuevo holding de la plataforma BitMEX. „La ubicación geográfica es bastante clave para nosotros“, continuó Radclyffe.

Aunque esto puede molestar a algunos de los usuarios de BitMEX, podría ser bueno a largo plazo.

¿Puede un país realmente prohibir Bitcoin?

Desde los primeros días de Bitcoin, ha habido preocupaciones de que es sólo cuestión de tiempo hasta que la cripto-moneda sea prohibida por los gobiernos de todo el mundo. Por un lado, Bitcoin es ofte…

„Los intercambios criptográficos que ponen en marcha el grado institucional KYC y AML son esenciales para el desarrollo futuro de la industria criptográfica, ya que aseguran mantener alejados a los malos actores y permiten que los actores institucionales se sientan cada vez más cómodos con la clase de activos“, dijo a Decrypt Henri Arslanian, fintech y líder criptográfico de Asia en la empresa de contabilidad PwC.

El proceso de identificación en sí mismo debería llevar unos cinco minutos. Hay un proceso de cuatro pasos que BitMEX afirma que es similar a las comprobaciones de identificación en otros intercambios criptográficos. A los usuarios se les pedirá que se identifiquen y se les pedirá que respondan a algunas preguntas relacionadas con la fuente de los fondos y su experiencia comercial.

  • BTC
  • +0.76% $11692.07
  • 24H7D1M1YMax
  • 7 de agosto 8 de agosto 9 de agosto 10 de agosto 11 de agosto 12 de agosto 13 de agosto 1411300114001150011600117001180011900
  • Precio BTC

También hay una ventaja práctica en la identificación del usuario, que permitirá a BitMEX „verificar de forma fiable el propietario real de una cuenta en caso de disputa, piratería o incapacitación“, afirma BitMEX en una entrada de blog publicada hoy.

Como parte del lanzamiento del Programa de Verificación de Usuarios, BitMEX también revelará detalles sobre un Torneo de Comercio en el que se ofrecerán premios a quienes hayan verificado su identidad. Pero es poco probable que apacigüe a los afectados.

Prédiction de prix Bitcoin: BTC / USD continue d’être rejeté alors que les taureaux et les ours se disputent la possession de prix

taureaux Bitcoin sont implacables alors que le prix se rapproche de la résistance des frais généraux de 12000 $. Le BTC / USD se négocie dans la zone de résistance et proche du point de cassure à 11931 $. Aux premières heures d’aujourd’hui, le prix a atteint un sommet de 11 997 $.

Depuis le 1er août, les taureaux Bitcoin ont commencé le trading de gamme haussière pour briser la résistance des frais généraux de 12000 $

Pendant plus de deux semaines, les taureaux n’ont pas réussi à briser la résistance des frais généraux. De l’action des prix, les taureaux ont cassé la résistance deux fois mais ont été repoussés. Pour que l’évasion réussisse, les acheteurs doivent effacer les niveaux de résistance de 11 950 $ et 12 050 $. Simultanément, l’élan doit être maintenu.

Les acheteurs ont été confrontés au rejet de la résistance des frais généraux de 12000 $ parce qu’ils n’ont pas réussi à dégager la zone de résistance et à maintenir l’élan à la hausse. Le marché se négocie au bord du point de cassure. Une réaction baissière suivra si les haussiers ne parviennent pas à briser la résistance. Le marché chutera aux niveaux de support précédents.

Les transactions de Bitcoin sous la résistance clé et au-dessus des moyennes mobiles exponentielles

Au cours des deux dernières semaines, les acheteurs se négocient constamment sous la résistance des frais généraux. Dans la plupart des cas, le prix fluctuera entre les niveaux 11 800 $ et 12 000 $. Cela crée un environnement pour une éventuelle évasion. Néanmoins, les taureaux Bitcoin se négocient au-dessus des EMA, ce qui indique le mouvement à la hausse du BTC. Cependant, si les baissiers réussissent à passer sous les EMA, le marché chutera.

Néanmoins, la lecture de Fibonacci reste la même car nous attendons la possibilité d’une évasion. Aujourd’hui, le prix se négocie à une distance frappante. Une fois que le prix aura franchi la résistance de 12000 $, le marché passera au niveau d’extension de 4,236 Fibonacci. Premièrement, BTC se ralliera à son premier objectif au plus haut de 13000 $.

Bitcoin-prisen nærmer seg $ 11800, hva er det neste?

Prislinjen for Bitcoin Era steg til $ 11800 markeringen 13. august. Kryptoanalytikere på Trading View mener at BTC-pris kan observere et utbrudd mot oppsiden og stige til $ 13000-merket.

På dagens laveste falt cryptocurrency til 11276,34 dollar. I skrivende stund omsatte Bitcoin for 11752,0 amerikanske dollar.

Hva kan du forvente av Bitcoin sin pris?

Trading View-analytikeren Faibik er av den oppfatning at BTCUSD-paret handler innenfor et stigende trekantmønster og at det vil observere et utbrudd mot oppsiden, noe som gjør at BTC-prisen kan bevege seg forbi $ 12750-merket.

21. juli brøt BTC-prisen over et synkende trekantmønster og steg forbi $ 11850-nivået med nesten 27% gevinst mot oppsiden. Cryptocurrency har dannet et synkende trekantmønster helt siden 31. juli, mens det har testet trekantens øvre grense flere ganger.

I henhold til denne ideen vil cryptocurrency snart bryte ut av denne synkende trekanten og bevege seg over $ 12750-merket. Hvis ideen finner sted, vil BTC-prisen bevege seg mot $ 13000-nivået neste. Tvert imot, hvis Bitcoin bryter under trekanten, vil cryptocurrency-prisen falle mot $ 10600 til 10800 $ -området.

Hva er det neste for BTC?

Trading Axis er en annen analytiker fra Trading View som fremhevet at BTCUSD-paret danner en stigende trekant. Analytikeren tegnet denne trekanten på 4-timers-diagrammet for handelsparet.

For øyeblikket ser BTCUSD-paret ut til å samle seg mens motstanden til den stigende trekanten ligger i nærheten av $ 12000-merket. Cryptocurrency har tidligere testet den øvre grensen to ganger. I henhold til ideen, hvis BTC-prisen bryter mot oppsiden fra trekanten, vil prisen stige mot $ 13000-merket.

Bitcoin in danger? Wall Street Veterans Warn of Nasdaq Bubble

Ned Davis, who has operated his eponymous research firm on Wall Street since 1980, believes a Nasdaq bubble is forming. Based on the approximate correlation between Bitcoin (BTC) and stocks in recent months, this could negatively affect the cryptomoney market.

Bitcoin futures open interest is at a record high as the BTC price approaches $10,000
Since March 2020, Bitcoin and the S&P 500 have had a strange correlation. There were some periods when BTC stalled during a stock market recovery, especially from May to June. But for the most part, the correlation remained high. On July 9, the correlation between Bitcoin and the S&P 500 reached an all-time high of 0.38.

Analysts expressed concern about the overvaluation of technology stocks since early July. If the technology Nasdaq starts to fade, it could cause a further downward trend in the stock market.

Lisa Abramowicz, a business reporter for Bloomberg, wrote

„Valuations of technology companies are the highest since the 2000 technology bubble, based on Nasdaq’s ratio to small-cap stocks.“

Technology stocks threaten Nasdaq, and Bitcoin is at risk of a small recession

The data shows that technology stocks account for almost 50% of the Nasdaq Composite index. Therefore, when these stocks decline, the Nasdaq Composite index falls sharply.

Davis described the current state of the Nasdaq 100 as a „bubble“, and expressed concern about the performance of FAANG and technology stocks. He noted that stocks like Microsoft fell sharply after making profits, as Internet and software companies are still reeling from the impact of coronavirus closures by governments around the world.

Some Bitcoin traders are turning bearish, why is $9,500 a problem?
„The Nasdaq 100 looks like a bubble to me,“ he said. „If this isn’t a sign of getting on a high dive to speculate, I don’t know what is.“

In the short term, a drop in the stock market could cause a smaller drop in the price of Bitcoin. Although Bitcoin has been uncorrelated during some stock market ups, during downward trends, it saw a higher level of correlation.

PlanB, a well-known Bitcoin investor, said:

„S&P500 and Bitcoin have been correlated and co-integrated for the last 10 years. S&P implies a BTC price of: $25,000… Interesting times ahead!“

While some traders foresee weaknesses in the Bitcoin market structure in the short term, there are strong fundamentals to support a medium-term rally.

Variables for a medium-term upward trend

Despite concerns in the U.S. stock market, some data suggests that investors in crypto currencies generally remain confident.

According to Grayscale, its assets under management for all its crypto products reached $4.3 billion. This indicates that institutional investors are investing steadily in crypto assets, mainly Bitcoin, since early 2020.

The world will not adopt a Bitcoin Billionaire or gold standard, says Peter Brandt
The proportion of long and short contracts in most of the major futures markets has remained distinctly positive for Bitcoin in recent weeks. In the daily time frame, Binance says that the „top traders“ on its futures platform are BTC net long. Over 52% of the traders on the exchange currently have long contracts.

However, a strong resistance level of $9,500 and uncertainty in the US stock market could weaken sentiment around Bitcoin in the short term. But in the long term, solid fundamentals show a more optimistic picture of the world’s largest cryptomone currency.