Bitcoin pioneer in Brazil, Daniel Fraga shows signs of life after three years of disappearance

Youtuber disappeared again moves account at LocalBitcoins after disappearing from Brazil.

Considered one of the pioneers of Bitcoin all over Brazil, youtuber Daniel Fraga showed signs of life again by moving his old account at LocalBitcoins. According to the P2P platform of cryptomoedas, the Brazilian accessed the site last Sunday (1).

Until then, Daniel Fraga’s last appearance is in a video released on Youtube in 2017. Since then, numerous speculations have arisen with the disappearance of the P2P seller of cryptomoedas.

For most investors, youtuber is a millionaire after investing in Bitcoin a few years ago. With no news about his whereabouts, Daniel Fraga’s location is still a mystery to the Brazilian crypt community.

Youtuber uses LocalBitcoins

Besides youtuber, Daniel Fraga was a very active cryptomaniac trader on the LocalBitcoins platform. Although the Bitcoin pioneer in Brazil did not trade cryptomoks as before, it is estimated that Fraga moved at least 250 units of Bitcoin (BTC) through the site.

In total, Daniel Fraga has participated in over 500 transactions with almost 600 different people, according to LocalBitcoins, which recently registered a new youtuber access.

Thus, the Brazilian access to Bitcoin’s P2P platform confirms that Daniel Fraga is alive, and this is proof of the investor’s cryptomorphism that may have become a millionaire.

Although Daniel Fraga’s access to Local Bitcoin Benefit is recent, the trader was also present in discussions at the famous Bitcoin Talk forum. There, the profile of the Brazilian has not been moved since August 15, 2019.

Escape from Brazil

The whereabouts of Daniel Fraga is considered a mystery by many users who feed stories about youtuber that simply disappeared „from the map“.

One of the theories about where youtuber is points out that Daniel Fraga decided to leave Brazil after being prosecuted. Before he disappeared from the country, the Bitcoin pioneer became involved in polemics with Gilberto Kassab and prosecutors.

Taken as anarcapitalist, Fraga was also prosecuted by a judge in a case against youtuber. After being convicted, the trader had to remove the video talking about the judge from the air, or he could pay a fine.
Thus, with the polemics involved, a great mystery arises in front of Daniel Fraga’s location. After he was sentenced in court, everything that was found in the investor’s bank accounts did not exceed R$ 30.

Donations in cryptomoedas

Besides giving signs of life on the P2P LocalBitcoins platform, the Brazilian youtuber Daniel Fraga also continues to receive donations in Bitcoin through an email address.

Widely publicized by the trader a few years ago, the address has already received almost 4 Bitcoin units (BTC), or even, about R$ 330 thousand in donations with cryptomoedas.
Daniel Fraga has already received R$ 330 thousand in Bitcoin (Reproduction/

On 8 October 2020, Daniel Fraga received 0.006 BTC through the address he used, i.e. almost R$500 in donations.