Who We Are

The principal purposes of this Club are:

  • To conserve things animate and inanimate in Marin County, particularly the scenic beauties and fauna of Mt. Tamalpais and its slopes and spurs.
  • To build, maintain and protect its footpaths and walking trails for low-impact, non-mechanized use and to support retention of these lands as a public park
  • To aid and encourage acquisition of lands as public parks and public open space.

Since 1912, the Tamalpais Conservation Club has served as the Guardian of Mt Tam. Generations of club members, who appreciate the mountain for its unique scenic beauty, have helped to protect Mt Tam from commercial exploitation. Thanks to the many who have participated, today the slopes and spurs of Mt. Tamalpais remain the home to a great diversity of plants, birds, and animals.

The Tamalpais Conservation Club continues to protect and defend Marin and Mt. Tam from current and future threats. Among is ongoing activities, the Tamalpais Conservation Club is active in the public process, aids in the acquisition of open space, acts as a fund raising arm for our State Park and its all-volunteer trail crew works year-round on trail restoration.

Please join the Tamalpais Conservation Club. Your support will help to protect Marin and Mt. Tamalpais for future generations!



Thank you to all who supported Mount Tam Jam!

A Benefit for the Mountain


  In association with California State Parks, here is a fun way to help protect Mt. Tam through your participation! 

The Tamalpais Conservation Club is celebrating is 101st year, along with the 85th anniversary of Mount Tamalpais State Park and the 100th anniversary of the Sidney B. Cushing Memorial Amphitheater hosting the first music festival in decades.